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Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger Stories

Surprising Results of a Very Secret Conversation - R - Hermione Granger, Magical Veterinarian, agrees to oversee a Hippogriff Polo tournament at Malfoy Manor. Romance ensues.
The Rules of Pureblood Courtship - R - Hermione has had a secret crush on Lucius Malfoy since he saved her life. At Ginny and Draco's wedding the secret is revealed.
The Law of Universal Gravitation - R - Some years after the war against Voldemort, Severus Snape and Hermione Granger have successful professional lives and a happy marriage. When an old friend and a new employee enter their lives, however, it seems that things are not as they appeared.
Once in a Lifetime - R

Severus Snape/Hermione Granger Stories

And Eros Kissed Sweet Thanatos - R - One-shot. Sad and dark. Severus and Hermione are Voldemort's prisoners, and Severus is put under Imperius.
Can't Make A Fire Without A Spark - G - Snape is in a coma, and Hermione goes after him
Die Hard: A Hogwarts Experience - PG - A film script, written by Lucius Malfoy. Major Madness
E Lucevan Le Stelle - R - Lucius Malfoy is MoM, and British wizards are living under his reign of terror. Snape and Hermione are the masterminds behind a resistance group. Will they be able to defeat him?
Fantasies - R - A response to the WIKTT "2 to 6" Challenge.
Gone With The...O.W.L.? - PG-13 - WIKTT challenge response. Snape does charity work, Hermione poses in the nude... OOC-ness and bad puns ensue.
I Never Thought It Would Be You - PG-13 - WIKTT challenge response. Three years after Hermione's graduation, she meets Snape again, by mere chance. They become friends and, maybe, more...?
Paradise Lost - G - A short and rather dark glimpse on Hermione's future, written in response to a challenge.
Problems With Dentists - NC-17 - A vacation in the Muggle world leads to an encounter with a mysterious stranger.
Symbolon - PG-13 - Challenge response--Snape and Hermione, destined for each other, meet in several historical periods. Not always successfully...
Thank You, Sir - G - The war realigns Hermione's sight is more than one way.

C H A P T E R E D       S T O R I E S       &       SERIES

Pygmalion - R - When a Potions Master falls in love with a 'statue', things promise to become difficult...
Orpheus - R - Sequel to 'Pygmalion'. Snape and Hermione have finally found happiness. But a mysterious potion and a new student are likely to cause trouble. Happily Ever After or Tragedy for our favourite couple?
The Sybil's Oracle - Book One - R - First book in the trilogy. Severus Snape's life from 4th to 7th years at Hogwarts. Slytherins galore.
The Sybil's Oracle - Book Two: The Skull and the Snakes - R - Second book in the trilogy. Covers Severus's Death Eater years (1976-1981).
The Sybil's Oracle - Interlude - R - The Missing Years (1981-1995), illustrated by letters, diary entries and pieces of newspaper articles
The Sybil's Oracle - Book Three: Rebirth of the Snake - R - Third book in the trilogy. Voldemort is back. Hermione Granger has to learn her true identity, and the wizarding world will fight the Final Battle
About A Potions Master - PG-13 - There is a Potions Masters Bachelor Auction at Hogwarts, and Severus Snape goes to... Hermione Granger.
*NEW* About A Potions Master - Meet the Parents - R - Is there a Snapeling or isn't there? And what will Mr. and Mrs. Granger say?
*NEW* About A Potions Master - In the Family Way - PG-13 - Another AAPM vignette in response to a WIKTT challenge
About A Potions Master - Xenion - G - Severus and Hermione have a special gift for Mrs. Cassandra Snape...
From Hell - PG-13 - Due to a very cunning scheme excogitated by Lucius Malfoy, Snape gets sacked and has to live in the Muggle world. Hermione goes after him. Why? What does Sirius do in Brazil? And why does Narcissa flirt with him?

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